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Author: Navi
10th April

Advertising And Marketing in SEO


Attention of the General Public

Advertising is an act of inviting the attention of the general public for a particular product or service through paid announcements on the hope that some of the public might evince interest in the same and buy that particular product or service.Marketing, on the other hand, refers to all those activities that are carried out with the intention of bringing the buyers and sellers of a product or a service together. One of the many activities of marketing is advertising. As such, marketing encompasses the act of advertising.

Advertising Tips

Advertising is not intended as a personal message for any single individual. It is a non-personal announcement made about the products and services of a company, It is a means of persuasion to buy the products or services of a company and involves certain amount of cash outgo from the company. The goal of advertising is long-term in nature with a broader perspective.

The Purpose of Advertising

The purpose of advertising, in a way, is to create as well as maintain brand awareness for the company’s products and services. The chief modes of advertising include print media such as newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and brochures as well as audio-visual modes such as radio, television and Internet.Marketing, which includes advertising as one of its many means, involves designing and implementing a series of carefully planned tactics that are aimed at bringing the buyers and sellers together for doing transactions.

Various Components of Marketing

Various components of marketing include, apart from advertising, devising strategy, doing market research, media planning, direct marketing, eMarketing or electronic marketing that includes email campaigns, as well as public relations.Marketing activities can be broadly classified under three categories such as Online marketing, Offline marketing and Word-of-mouth marketing. Online marketing refers to activities carried out using the power of the Internet.

The Great Advantage of Online Marketing

The great advantage of online marketing is that the cost of production for online marketing is relatively low.Offline marketing is the traditional way of marketing, which involves advertising in all forms of media such as magazines, radio and television. The best form of marketing is the Word-of-mouth marketing wherein consumers of a product or service speak from their experience about the products and services to prospective customers.


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